Louis Roy’s main contribution to this important cause is the foundation of OPTEL, a company committed to developing solutions that benefit humanity.

His vision began with the future of children in mind. Although social and environmental challenges are numerous, Louis Roy also sees the opportunity to help, by creating a collective road towards sustainability.

Nearly 30 years ago, he acted on this belief and embarked on the journey to making the world a better place through technologies that make a true contribution. That is how OPTEL was born.

Louis Roy worked relentlessly to learn, improve, challenge and find solutions that ensure a better, safer place for the children of the world, and he continues to do so every day.

Over the years, OPTEL has developed and integrated advanced technologies to address complex problems for customers as well as society.  Since then, OPTEL has grown into an incredible cross-functional team of 850 talents, dedicated to supporting various industries and helping them achieve compliance, safety and efficiency while fostering corporate social responsibilities.

The company’s current goal is to stop the invasion of counterfeit products and ensure the quality and safety of delivered products. Today, OPTEL is considered a world leader in traceability and quality control ─  two key components enabling intelligent supply chains.

Louis Roy firmly believes that intelligent supply chains will contribute to substantial economic growth that is sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly. In that perspective, as part of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative, he initiated and is co-presiding SCALE.AI, an industry-led consortium that will shape the new global supply chain platform.

Through product tracking, data acquisition and connectivity, OPTEL’s technologies provide the much-needed visibility and actionable data required to ensure product safety, reduce waste, cut distribution costs, increase productivity, and protect the environment. Since supply chains affect every business, the potential for significant impact is enormous.

Through all these actions, Louis Roy wants OPTEL to be a positive-impact corporation, because the business world and children need more positive role models.

Besides its innovative solutions, OPTEL has also taken various other actions to contribute to society and promote social responsibility. Examples include:

  • Foundation of Behaviori Movement to encourage change
  • B Corp Certification
  • Recycling Certification
  • EcoVadis Certification
  • Initiation of AI
  • Commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Internal activities:

  • Sustainable development projects and research on circular economy
  • Volunteering and support to various local charities and organizations
  • Carpooling initiatives and parking spaces for electric cars
  • Various sustainable mobility events and initiatives
  • Creation of various committees to foster positive change among employees, such as:
    • Sustainable Development Committees
    • Sustainable Health Committee
    • Community Action Committee

These are but a few of OPTEL’s tangible actions and many more are to come. OPTEL wishes to reach out to businesses, governments, communities and individuals, so that together, expertise and practices are pooled to create a bigger impact.

So join us. Be part of the movement. If your company has a similar story or one that is just beginning, we encourage you to share and tell us what you are doing to be socially responsible so that others can be inspired to do the same.